With a deep passion for empowering mission-driven organizations and startups, I have dedicated my skills to crafting compelling illustrations, designing impactful logos, and shaping the overall brand identity through visually striking graphics.
Graphic Design - Illustration - Branding
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Crafting RUQ's brand identity was a unique challenge and opportunity. It required meticulous attention to detail to ensure a seamless visual style across all materials. The goal was to provide a structured yet flexible framework that sparks creative expression while maintaining a cohesive and professional brand presence. The careful selection of colors in RUQ's visual palette harmoniously reflects the organization's essence, evoking emotions and creating a memorable brand identity that profoundly resonates with its audience.

Aligning my creativity with RUQ's mission has been an inspiring journey. I've carefully crafted visuals that capture the essence of illuminating stories and amplifying voices. With a deep passion for empowering mission-driven organizations and startups, I have focused on creating compelling illustrations, impactful logos, and overall brand identity through visually striking graphics. I'm honored to contribute to bringing RUQ's vision to life.

Jeffrey & Lauren Jimenez-Kurlander

To create this project, the creative platforms of Figma and Adobe Suite were used, and all their capabilities.

This project is distinctive in its dedication to illuminating narratives and empowering voices. Through compelling presentations, RUQ's visual identity serves as a powerful tool, amplifying the capacity of mission-driven organizations to inspire change and cultivate growth. The carefully chosen colors harmonize with RUQ's essence and evoke emotions, creating a cohesive and memorable brand identity. This project stands out for its commitment to quality, racial equity, and a shared journey toward improving communities.

In concluding this creative venture, the RUQ branding project embodies a commitment to excellence and a celebration of diversity. The carefully crafted visuals align with RUQ's mission and contribute to a world where mission-driven narratives are amplified and empowered. By fostering a vibrant, diverse network of change-makers, this project plays a crucial role in facilitating the flow of ideas and funds towards the organizations served by RUQ. It's a testament to the power of design in telling stories and shaping narratives that inspire meaningful change.

The EASEL method, an acronym for Engage, Activate, Share, Evaluate, and Loop, is a structured and iterative approach designed to enhance learning and problem-solving through active participant engagement and continuous feedback loops.

Reimagine. Unleash. Quality.

Together with the PhilanthroSee team, we have created a website that isn't just a job board but also builds the power of the next generation of philanthropic leaders through intentional and thoughtful resources.
PhilanthroSee builds the power of the next generation of leaders to ensure that the philanthropic sector is representative of intergenerational leadership.
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Marcelo Ferder
His name is Marcelo Ferder. He is a visual artist and architect from Argentina whose rich trajectory spans from Buenos Aires to his establishment in the Dominican Republic. I am pleased to present the creation and development of his portfolio website.
The website dedicated to Marcelo Ferder's art embodies commitment and purpose, allowing his vibrant and socially conscious works to take center stage. Through clean design and intuitive navigation, I will gladly invite visitors to explore Ferder's journey and immerse themselves in the colorful world of his creations.
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Unused Drafts
I cherish design challenges. They fuel my creativity, enhance problem-solving, and refine my skills. Therefore, this creative challenge taught me resilience, turning failures into valuable lessons. It also fostered collaboration, providing diverse perspectives.
I've come to appreciate the versatility of styles, which helped me learn to adapt seamlessly to different situations.
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