I CRAFT Digital Creative Experiences
With a unique blend of web design, illustrations, and branding, I specialize in delivering extraordinary digital experiences that truly set you apart. I approach every project with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that each design decision is purposeful and intentional.

Whether you're in search of a visually stunning website, captivating illustrations, or a distinctive brand identity, I am here to turn your ideas into remarkable digital realities.
Together with the PhilanthroSee team, we have created a website that isn't just a job board but also builds the power of the next generation of philanthropic leaders through intentional and thoughtful resources.
PhilanthroSee builds the power of the next generation of leaders to ensure that the philanthropic sector is representative of intergenerational leadership.
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With a deep passion for empowering mission-driven organizations and startups, I have dedicated my skills to crafting compelling illustrations, designing impactful logos, and shaping the overall brand identity through visually striking graphics.
By aligning my creativity with RUQ's mission, I have meticulously curated a visual narrative that resonates with the essence of illuminating stories and amplifying voices.
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I cherish design challenges. They fuel my creativity, enhance problem-solving, and refine my skills. Therefore, this creative challenge taught me resilience, turning failures into valuable lessons. It also fostered collaboration, providing diverse perspectives.
I've come to appreciate the versatility of styles, which helped me learn to adapt seamlessly to different situations.
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born in sd, based in rome