Together with the PhilanthroSee team, we have created a website that isn't just a job board but also builds the power of the next generation of philanthropic leaders through intentional and thoughtful resources.
Web Design - Graphic Design - Branding
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Developing PhilanthroSee's website had its challenges. The main one was breaking down the secrecy in the philanthropic sector. We wanted to make entering the industry more accessible and show the various roles available. We tackled this by creating a comprehensive job board, researching early career roles, and making a central hub for global opportunities. Overcoming this challenge showed our commitment to making information accessible and breaking down barriers for emerging leaders.

Creating PhilanthroSee's website has been a meaningful journey for me. I dived deep into the organization's mission, crafting each design element with a commitment to showcase the essence of nurturing future philanthropic leaders. This project is not just a job board; it's my connection to PhilanthroSee's ideals, fulfilling me to contribute to future leaders in philanthropy.

From day one, Diego has been an invaluable partner in the development of our branding and our website. Diego listened to our vision and is both creative and technical. He is also an intuitive problem solver, and everything he developed aligned seamlessly and in tune with the voice and tone of the brand. I couldn’t recommend working with Diego more!

Alya Davis

To create this project, the creative platforms Webflow, Figma, and Adobe Suite were used, using all their capabilities.

What makes PhilanthroSee unique is that it's not just a job board—it's a transformative space reflecting the organization's ideals. Responsive design played a significant role in making sure the website works well on different devices. The vibrant colors and carefully chosen design elements show the connection between different generations in philanthropy. This makes the website not only user-friendly but also inclusive, empowering the next generation of philanthropic leaders.

In wrapping up this journey, PhilanthroSee's website is more than just a digital platform. It breaks down barriers, empowers emerging leaders, and shows the many roles in philanthropy. Our commitment to transparency, using responsive design, and staying true to the organization's mission resulted in a website that goes beyond expectations. This project shows how design can make a difference in creating a diverse and vibrant philanthropic community.

Passionate about demystifying entering the philanthropic sector, Alya founded and launched PhilanthroSee in November 2022.

We have created a philanthropic ecosystem that harnesses the wisdom and expertise inherent in intergenerational leadership.

With a deep passion for empowering mission-driven organizations and startups, I have dedicated my skills to crafting compelling illustrations, designing impactful logos, and shaping the overall brand identity through visually striking graphics.
By aligning my creativity with RUQ's mission, I have meticulously curated a visual narrative that resonates with the essence of illuminating stories and amplifying voices.
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Marcelo Ferder
His name is Marcelo Ferder. He is a visual artist and architect from Argentina whose rich trajectory spans from Buenos Aires to his establishment in the Dominican Republic. I am pleased to present the creation and development of his portfolio website.
The website dedicated to Marcelo Ferder's art embodies commitment and purpose, allowing his vibrant and socially conscious works to take center stage. Through clean design and intuitive navigation, I will gladly invite visitors to explore Ferder's journey and immerse themselves in the colorful world of his creations.
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Unused Drafts
I cherish design challenges. They fuel my creativity, enhance problem-solving, and refine my skills. Therefore, this creative challenge taught me resilience, turning failures into valuable lessons. It also fostered collaboration, providing diverse perspectives.
I've come to appreciate the versatility of styles, which helped me learn to adapt seamlessly to different situations.
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